Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder 5.29

Finds and removes duplicate photos, videos, songs, documents, emails and more
Scans for duplicates on the PC, Windows Media Player library, emails as well as on Google Drive or Dropbox. Embeds multiple search algorithms including a byte-by-byte comparison and an emergency undo button for undeleting accidentally removed files.

Easy Duplicate Finder can help you declutter your disk by identifying redundant data. The program scans the selected locations to find duplicate files taking into account various criteria and not only their file names. It has a nice interface and you are assisted by a wizard during all the workflow. Therefore, this product is appropriate for beginners and experts alike. Fortunately, the tool can also optimize your storage space on such Cloud services as Google Drive and Dropbox.

In the first step of the wizard, you are prompted to include the folders you wish to examine. This can also be done using the contextual menu in the File Manager. At this stage, it is also possible to set filters intended to include or exclude specific file types. Likewise, you are allowed to specify the intended file size range. The second step consists of scanning. The time this process will take depends on the size of the selected folders and the type of scan. In this regard, you can perform either a surface or a deep analysis. In thorough analysis mode, the tool can compare the files inside archives as well as the tags of audio files. Not only that, it can actually compare binary contents.

When the scanning is completed, the program groups the results into originals and duplicates. Although the duplicate files are automatically selected for deletion, you can manually study their properties, such as location, size and modification date, to make your own decisions. The tool also provides additional information about the whole process, including the number of files scanned, use of storage space and percentage of usage by file types.

To conclude, Easy Duplicate Finder provides reliable and accurate results. Therefore, I recommend you to try it. Fortunately, the product can be tried for free, with limitations regarding the number of duplicates it can process. After this quota is over, it will still let you find duplicates but you will need to do the rest manually. In my opinion, the program is overpriced, mostly because there are some similar tools available for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various scan modes
  • Can compare the files inside archives
  • Can compare song files based on the tags
  • Supports binary comparison
  • Supports previewing file contents
  • Scans cloud storage space


  • Overpriced
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