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Easy Duplicate Finder 5.3

Comprehensive duplicate manager with byte-by-byte comparison algorithms
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With a powerful scan that covers all types of files, e-mails, iTunes track references, cloud-storage drives, etc., Easy Duplicate Finder is capable of detecting and managing all duplicate items that are taking up your valuable disk space. This comprehensive tool will also help you to keep your media collections nicely organized, free from unwanted clones and of different versions of the same audio track.

Easy Duplicate Finder’s attractive interface is only part of its charm. The real beauty of this tool lies in the wide range of management tools that it offers to help you deal with all duplicate files in the most convenient, quick, and effective way. The scan process itself is pretty fast, subject to your system’s processing speed and the scan settings used. Thus, if a speedy scan is what you’re after, you can tell the program to search by file name only, and/or to leave e-mails, contacts, and your cloud drives out of the search. Depending on how you named your files, this may or may not be the best option to locate all possible dupes, but it’s certainly the fastest. Now, if it’s accuracy and exhaustiveness what you’re looking for, you can check the “CRC32 checksum plus file size” option in the File Search settings dialog, the byte-by-byte comparison, tell the program to compare music tags, include all file types including iTunes library entries, check your cloud accounts, compare all folders, scan subdirectories, etc. Equally important is to know which files and folders to skip in the search, and not only to speed up the process. You can leave out temporary files, system and app files and folders, zero-size files, compressed files, NTFS junction points and hard links, etc. – these are all sensitive areas of your system, and it is important that they don’t get mixed up with all those unnecessary duplicates you want to rid of. To avoid any unwanted file deletion, make sure that the exclusion list in the Advanced Settings tab includes all your system folders and whatever other areas of your PC you want to leave untouched.

The scan results are presented in an easy-to-browse list with all duplicate groups neatly differentiated by color and a set of tabs representing the various file types, such as archives, documents, music files, images, videos, and others. Those files that allow for previewing can be easily checked just by left-clicking on them with your mouse. If you right-click on any of them, a context menu will pop up with a set of useful tools to manage, organize, and export the list you are in. When it comes to the duplicate files themselves, you will find flexible options to remove or keep your files in the most convenient way. You can keep the newest or the oldest version only, those with original names, the newest in each folder, etc. Note that the trial version will only allow you to manage 10 duplicate groups, though.

Easy Duplicate Finder is both fast and exhaustive. If you have serious suspicions that duplicate files, e-mails, folders, and media files are stealing your valuable disk space, this tool can offer you both a useful overview of the state your storage devices are in and all the tools you need to dispose of all unnecessary files in the most efficient manner.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear duplicate groups display
  • Compares music tags
  • CRC32 calculator
  • Cleans iTunes dead tracks
  • Searches for duplicate e-mails, Dropbox files, Google Drive, etc
  • Byte-by-byte comparison


  • The trial version is limited to 10 duplicate groups
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