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Cleaning your disks from unnecessary files rarely includes duplicates. Junk files are easy to identify by most disk cleaning tools, but to get rid of duplicate documents, videos, photos, or audio files in a fast and efficient way you will need a tool like Easy Duplicate Finder. It can scan all your drives – or your choice of folders – looking for identical or very similar files, and it offers you a wide set of managing tools to dispose of all these unneeded files.

In order to identify as many duplicate files as possible with the highest level of accuracy, Easy Duplicate Finder relies not only in similar file names and/or sizes, but also in their CRC32 Checksum, EXIF metadata in JPEG images, music tags, and even highly precise byte-by-byte comparisons. The program’s thorough scan process can detect not only copies of documents and media files, but also e-mails and contacts, when selected. The program’s high level of flexibility when it comes to customizing your searches for duplicates will allow you to combine some of these detection methods. Thus, you can decide which music tags will be used to locate duplicate files, and combine this thorough search with a CRC32 comparison. You can combine CRC32 Checksum with the file size, and include or exclude file names, sizes, and extensions. If you happen to be an iTunes user, the program will also check your iTunes Library if so desired.

The results of this fast and accurate scan process are neatly shown categorized by file type. Though in my tests the program failed to recognize a couple of MTS files as video, it did identify them as possible duplicates, which is the program’s main objective. However, most files are clearly classified according to their content in the various categories provided – archives, documents, music, video, pictures, and others. You are also offered a pie chart that will give you a clearer idea of how all these duplicate files are distributed on your drives. Possible duplicates are clearly paired to help you decide which of them go and which will stay, and all you need to do is check those you want to get rid of. You can then make various decisions – leave the newest or the oldest versions, leave those with original names, or keep those in specific folders and subfolders and delete the rest. The possibilities are endless – you may want to skip temporary files, system and application folders, zero-sized files, compressed and hidden files, ignore subfolders, etc.

Easy Duplicate Finder is not only attractive, fast, flexible, highly customizable, and easy to use – it does work, which is much more than you can say for a number of its competitors. If you happen to find all of these options and settings a bit too much, you can always rely on the program’s wizard-like assistant. It will guide you through the entire process in three simple and straightforward steps. Whichever way you prefer, EDF will always provide you with accurate results in seconds, allowing you to get rid of unnecessary files that take up valuable disk space in a simple, clear, and gratifying way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast scan process
  • Efficient duplicates detection using various search options
  • Can use music tags to determine duplicate audio files
  • Byte-to-byte comparison
  • Detects duplicate e-mail messages
  • Highly customizable search options


  • Difficulties when categorizing certain files
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