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Declutter your disk by eliminating duplicate files
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liona Well, according to me in my opinion Duplicate Files Deleter is the best because I am still using it now for more than 3 years & will continue to do so as it is so user friendly, simple to use & you can do anything with it & I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there who wants to sort/manage/delete any of their duplicate files & you can choose to delete any files you don't want across all platforms just like myself who have been using this amazing software without any problems. Also it supports all file extensions out there. But please backup important files first. Please use it to believe me & I am being serious here.

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Ricardo 40+ dollars for a very unfriendly piece of software. If you try customer service, prepare for a few rounds of petulant, condescending and idiotic responses (I had to endure the rudest customer service I have ever experienced in my life, just to make this app work with Mac's photo Library). Really, don't waste your money like I did on this.

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John Harries

John Harries After paying for a License Key for Easy Duplicates Finder I was unable to load the program. The message I received was that I had to allow some guy in Calgary Alberta access my computer to eliminate 'conflict' in order to install this software. Since I am not willing to allow that, I request a refund.

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DQue This program is great at finding duplicates, but unfortunately the licensing program Webminds created is a nightmare. The licensing program makes it almost impossible for me to use the program more than 90% of the time. I have contacted Webminds support at least 4 times this year to have my licenses re-activated for EDF. (Their other products also use the same licensing program, so they can be invalidated easily also.) If any changes to my computer happen, and I haven't deactivated the license first, I can not reactivate the program without writing to Webmind's Support, and asking for them to reinstate the license. For Example: Windows 10 upgrade invalidated my licenses, as has installing a new hard drive, and any big update to almost any system software or if you reinstall the software, will require you to reactivate the license.

They do have a way to deactivate your license first, then you can immediately re-install and re-activate, but... Webminds is not always at the forefront of my mind, I don't use this software daily, so I don't think about deactivating my licenses with Webminds before installing things like Windows 10. I didn't have to re-install EDF, but apparently my licensing needed to be deactivated and reactivated. It would be nice if I could just use the software without having to write them, wait a day or two for them to reset my license. At which point I can't use it because I've moved on to another project. Very poorly designed licensing program.

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Manyprog The program is good. I've used it to search for duplicates on my disk. There were many similar programs.

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Insurance KB Very accurate duplicate finder.

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Review Harbor Fast, easy to use, accurate. And it does NOT install any adware or viruses.

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asphodelb Very pleased with this software. It's powerful, flexible and very easy to use.

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Sarah Williams Does not work. Installed ads on my system that I can not remove.

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Ursula I don't have a HP or Compac computer! Why am I getting this update for my Sony Vaio laptop?

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Guest This program is very efficient and exceeded my expectations

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Othman powerful software

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Braham very user-friendly

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Guest this program is best.Easy to use and learn. Does not occupy space on hd. recommend.
by charles master

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